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We provide market analysis and Low Risk - High Probability market entry points for major indices, commodities and companies listed on the FTSE100 and S&P500.


Our unique method combines long, medium and short term cycle analysis with several indicators which accurately identify what we term "Index Setups".


Currently all of our Market Analysis (except Companies) is free either in our blog or on Twitter.


In order to keep this information free we gratefully appreciate any donations.

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FTSE Forecast Update April 2021

The FTSE failed to hit our short entry points in April. On a positive note this means no loss making… Read More »FTSE Forecast Update April 2021

Market Update: March 2021

Market Update for the 20th March 2021. In this update we would like to talk more about FTSE scenario 2… Read More »Market Update: March 2021

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