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January 2022

FTSE 100 chart January 23 2022

FTSE 100 turning down

Last week saw the FTSE 100 turn down in line with our short term forecast. The question is how far will it fall before it finds some support. We see no reason to change our current projection which expects a fall to a least 7250 and we are letting our short run towards this level. The difficulty will then be to try an establish whether this is a safe place… Read More »FTSE 100 turning down

FTSE 100 forecast January 2022

Where next for the FTSE 100?

The FTSE 100 has pretty much followed our projection for the first part of January and is now turning down as expected. If we get a strong down day today then we would expect this move to continue for a couple of weeks. This would be in line with our analysis and also with most previous moves on the FTSE 100 where it has ‘popped through’ the upper Bollinger Band.… Read More »Where next for the FTSE 100?

FTSE 100 January 14 2022

Is the FTSE 100 about to turn?

Is the FTSE 100 about to turn or is there still more upside? The FTSE has moved nicely up to our short entry zone and has been sitting within it for 10 days. We are now at the point where the FTSE 100 should move down towards zone (2) within the next 2 sessions to keep the structure of our forecast alive. For this reason we have entered a short… Read More »Is the FTSE 100 about to turn?

FTSE 100 forecast 2022

FTSE 100 Forecast for 2022

It’s that time of year where we present our FTSE 100 forecast for 2022. This year we have produced only 1 scenario but we must stress this is our “balanced view” and we have also modeled significantly more bullish and more bearish scenarios – we will publish these scenarios if certain criteria are met which we will highlight below. In the forecast the “gold dotted line” is the potential path… Read More »FTSE 100 Forecast for 2022