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S&P500 Updates

FTSE 100 big picture update

Market Update: March 2021

Market Update for the 20th March 2021. In this update we would like to talk more about FTSE scenario 2 but before we do it is important to say that ALL SCENARIOS are still possible but over the next week it is highly likely that we will be able to rule whether scenario 1 is still “on the cards”. We would also like to reiterate that we do not look… Read More »Market Update: March 2021

S&P500 forecast update

S&P500 Update

S&P500 Forecast Update. #SPX potentially in position for a short – down to our long entry zone. Traders who decide to go short at this point should have relatively tight stops and be aiming for a 4 to 1 return ratio. Ultimately we believe the S&P is going up in the 2nd quarter of the year and there is always a risk that the upwards trend has resumed – as… Read More »S&P500 Update

S&P Medium Term Forecast (2)

Last week we blogged one of our thoughts as to where the S&P may go up to election day. Here is the alternative more bearish route which is likely to transpire if it can’t get over the “gold line” Each of our scenarios have Low Risk “Index Setup” points which we provide to our clients.

S&P Medium Term Forecast (1)

The lead up to the USA election often sees a small retracement up to election day before “taking off” thoughout Thanksgiving and up to Christmas. We think it’ll be a similar pattern this year – maybe a little “chopier”! S&P very possibly in an ABC correction and targeting the 3400s may get a small bounce first. #SPX500 #SPX #FTSE

Low Risk High Probability Trades

Everytime you enter a trade you take a risk. Therefore the simplest way to mitigate your risk is trade less frequently. That’s what we do. At Index Setups we diligently monitor the long and medium term trends of key indexes and commodities and calculate high probability market “Set ups” by applying our understanding of power of short term trends and current market conditions and investor appetite. We don’t provide our… Read More »Low Risk High Probability Trades