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Brent Oil Update Feb 21 2021

Brent Crude Oil Forecast Update: February 21 2021

Brent crude oil hit our short entry zone on the 17th February. If you follow us on Twitter you would have seen us tweet “We are interested in 6470 ish – on #Brent – within next few days” – it hit $64.88 on the 18th then fell to around $61.50. Our current cycle analysis combined with our indicators shows the potential of Brent Oil finding some support between current levels… Read More »Brent Crude Oil Forecast Update: February 21 2021

Low Risk High Probability Trades

Everytime you enter a trade you take a risk. Therefore the simplest way to mitigate your risk is trade less frequently. That’s what we do. At Index Setups we diligently monitor the long and medium term trends of key indexes and commodities and calculate high probability market “Set ups” by applying our understanding of power of short term trends and current market conditions and investor appetite. We don’t provide our… Read More »Low Risk High Probability Trades