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FTSE 100 Forecast: Update February 17 2021

FTSE 100 Update Feb 17 2021

Yesterday the FTSE 100 hit 6800. If you went long at our previous entry point you will be between 300 and 400 points up.

We still have three scenarios “in play” and each of them is equally likely in our view.

Over the next few weeks we are likely to see some choppy movement on the FTSE 100.

Our current analysis shows that the FTSE 100 may hit zone 1 around the 24th February. However there is a good probability that the FTSE will simply correct to around 6500 before hitting the zone again in late March – this may then bring scenario 2 into play.

Alternatively the FTSE may fall to 6500 (or even below) before hitting the scenario 1 entry zone in late March.

FTSE 100 Update Feb 17 2021
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