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FTSE 100 update July 19 2021

We are pleased to see that the FTSE 100 hit our long entry zone today – you will recall that we forecast this position in our website post on the 25th June and on our live Twitter post here.

FTSE 100 Index Setup hit July 2021

It’s early days for this move and the Index could go either way from here (before ultimately heading up to our short entry zones which we have forecast for several months. This makes it difficult to commit to a full long position even though the risk/ reward ratio is good.

We hope you have found this analysis helpful and prevented you entering a long position too early. Please donate if you have found this of use.

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As always our posts are not investment advice. If you wish to trade or invest based on our analysis you should do so with great caution and consult your financial adviser. Remember never to invest or trade more than you can afford to lose.