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FTSE 100 update June 25th 2021

Finding the next entry point for the #FTSE100 has proved elusive so far. Our new forecast for the FTSE 100 keeps the short entry points in the same position and adds a potential long entry point – however that’s still a few weeks away. Patience is now the key with this volatile index. It’s always better to wait for a high probability – low risk entry point than jump into… Read More »FTSE 100 update June 25th 2021

FTSE chart 1st June 2021

FTSE 100 update 1st June 2021

Ideally we want to see some downwards movement over the next 2 to 3 weeks on the #FTSE100 to hit our next entry point which is LONG. Our calculations show us that the FTSE could turn down very soon and easily hit levels below 7000. Sub 6900 could be a nice area to start to build new long positions. Disclaimer The content on this site including products sold in our… Read More »FTSE 100 update 1st June 2021

FTSE update Month End April 2021 1

FTSE Forecast Update April 2021

The FTSE failed to hit our short entry points in April. On a positive note this means no loss making positions were established! Going into May and June we are not as positive over the FTSE reaching a significant high in late June/ early July and which is reinforced by the lack of upwards movement on April 30th – despite the significant fall in GBPUSD. As a result there is… Read More »FTSE Forecast Update April 2021

FTSE 100 big picture update

Market Update: March 2021

Market Update for the 20th March 2021. In this update we would like to talk more about FTSE scenario 2 but before we do it is important to say that ALL SCENARIOS are still possible but over the next week it is highly likely that we will be able to rule whether scenario 1 is still “on the cards”. We would also like to reiterate that we do not look… Read More »Market Update: March 2021

Brent update March 19 2021

Brent Crude Oil Forecast Update: March 19 2021

Brent Crude Oil Forecast Update: March 19 2021. Last month we forecast that brent would find a short term top at around $69 which would give our followers an opportunity to short towards our forecast “long entry zone” which we expect to be hit in May 2021. So far, so good. Our short entry zone has been hit and Oil turned down at just over $71. Oil is now finding… Read More »Brent Crude Oil Forecast Update: March 19 2021

FTSE Mar 13 2021

FTSE 100 Forecast update week ending March 12 2021.

FTSE 100 Forecast update week ending March 12 2021. All 3 scenarios are very much in play but we have made a slight adjustment to the timing of scenario 2 which aligns more closely with how the current longer term cycle is panning out and other markets include US equities and the GBPUSD relationship. We have also highlighted that the scenario 3 long is still very much possible. Whilst the… Read More »FTSE 100 Forecast update week ending March 12 2021.

GBP USD Chart March 18 2021

GBP USD Forecast Update March 2021

GBP USD Forecast Update March 2021. For those of you who follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will know we’ve been looking for a short entry point above 143.5. It’s not got there yet and it’s possible it may have hit a short term top just under 142.5 at the end of February – but we are not happy with the timing of this. We still have our… Read More »GBP USD Forecast Update March 2021

FTSE100 Chart March 12 2021

FTSE 100 Forecast Update

FTSE 100 Forecast Update. Well we day say this trendline would be important! The #FTSE100 has spent the last 5 days hugging it whilst other markets have shown some good growth. Much of this appears to be due to the inverse relationship which the #FTSE100 have with #GBPUSD. Looking forwards into next week all 3 scenarios are still on the table! Check out our previous posts to see our “Bigger… Read More »FTSE 100 Forecast Update

S&P500 forecast update

S&P500 Update

S&P500 Forecast Update. #SPX potentially in position for a short – down to our long entry zone. Traders who decide to go short at this point should have relatively tight stops and be aiming for a 4 to 1 return ratio. Ultimately we believe the S&P is going up in the 2nd quarter of the year and there is always a risk that the upwards trend has resumed – as… Read More »S&P500 Update

Dax forecast update March 2021

DAX Forecast update March 10 2021

DAX Forecast update March 10 2021. Back in December we forecast a short entry zone for the DAX30. At this point the DAX was circa 13,700. Our forecast (above) ahows we had a target of over 15,000 around mid February. This is what happened versus our forecast. The DAX value was essentially unchanged between the end of December 2020 and mid February 2021 – it actually fell back after a… Read More »DAX Forecast update March 10 2021