Gold Forecast February 2021

Gold Forecast: Update February 20 2021

Gold has fallen by 200 points since hitting our 3rd short entry zone on the 8th January. We had hoped that gold would find a short term bottom at around 1700 on the 5th February to head into what could be a strong short term cycle – THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Instead, Gold confirmed upper resistance on the short term trend and a subsequent fall below 1775 raised alarm bells… Read More »Gold Forecast: Update February 20 2021

FTSE 100 Update Feb 17 2021

FTSE 100 Forecast: Update February 17 2021

Yesterday the FTSE 100 hit 6800. If you went long at our previous entry point you will be between 300 and 400 points up. We still have three scenarios “in play” and each of them is equally likely in our view. Over the next few weeks we are likely to see some choppy movement on the FTSE 100. Our current analysis shows that the FTSE 100 may hit zone 1… Read More »FTSE 100 Forecast: Update February 17 2021

FTSE Index Setup Zone hit January 2021

FTSE 100 Forecast: Long Entry Zone Hit

Our lower long entry zone has been hit this week on the FTSE 100. This is very important as it has confirmed the depth of the current cycle and has enabled us to calculate the next high probability – low risk entry zone. The next entry zone we have identified is a short entry zone. Currently we estimate this to be hit towards mid/ end of February 2021. We currently… Read More »FTSE 100 Forecast: Long Entry Zone Hit

FTSE100 3 month forecast Jan 2021

FTSE 100 Three Month Forecast January 2021

Our 3 month forecasts are designed to identify high probability/ low risk Index Setups (or entry points). We are currently posting our FTSE100 forecasts free on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In our first forecast for the FTSE100 for 2021 we have indicated the lowest risk entry points for 2 of the 3 scenarios which we believe the FTSE100 may follow. Scenario 1 (the gold dotted line) has a high probability… Read More »FTSE 100 Three Month Forecast January 2021

FTSE100 2021 Forecast

FTSE100 2021 Market Forecast

Our FTSE100 forecast for 2021 is based around our belief that the FTSE100 is in the final 9 to 12 months of a multi year cycle. We have 3 potential scenarios in mind which will see this cycle end in late 2021 or early 2022. Each scenario shows the FTSE gaining some ground up to February/ March 2021 before a significant fall into the end of the cycle. Scenario one… Read More »FTSE100 2021 Market Forecast

GBP USD 2020 forecast over 600 points up

GBPUSD 2020 Forecast Update

On the 19th October 2020 we forecast that GBPUSD would fall back from 131.50 to enable a low risk – high probability long entry point which would take GBPUSD to new highs over the remainder of the year. This is what happened – over 700 points up from our entry point. Why not follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to see our 2021 forecast.

FTSE100 analysis December 2020 forecast

FTSE 100 December Update

If you’ve been following us on twitter you will have seen us forecast FTSE100 short and long entry points for December 2020. Both entry points were hit and both provided a return of over 300 points – 650 points in total. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see our forecasts for 2021!

FTSE100 and GBP USD alignment

FTSE and GBP USD Alignment

Are we seeing a major alignment of the FTSE and the GBP USD (and to a lesser extent GBP EUR) which will see a sharp fall in the FTSE 100 and a strengthening of Sterling? Our analysis suggests we are. As our clients and followers know we have been bearish on the FTSE since July and the current downward trend has proved to be intact whilst other indices have been… Read More »FTSE and GBP USD Alignment

S&P Medium Term Forecast (2)

Last week we blogged one of our thoughts as to where the S&P may go up to election day. Here is the alternative more bearish route which is likely to transpire if it can’t get over the “gold line” Each of our scenarios have Low Risk “Index Setup” points which we provide to our clients.

S&P Medium Term Forecast (1)

The lead up to the USA election often sees a small retracement up to election day before “taking off” thoughout Thanksgiving and up to Christmas. We think it’ll be a similar pattern this year – maybe a little “chopier”! S&P very possibly in an ABC correction and targeting the 3400s may get a small bounce first. #SPX500 #SPX #FTSE