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NASDAQ Forecast Update September 20 2021

NASDAQ Sept 20 2021

The NASDAQ Index has continued to out perform this year and there is a very good chance of a decent correction and strong “long” opportunity soon. Those who are long in their view on tech stocks could have 3 opportunities to add to long positions according to our calculations (levels and timings).

Here is the first.

NASDAQ Sept 20 2021
NASDAQ “Initial Long Entry Zone” Forecast September 2021

We believe there is a high probability that the NASDAQ will hit circa 13500 towards the end of October. If this occurs (at this time) then this is likely to be a medium to long term bottom.

However, it’s important to be really careful as we also have scenarios (with different timing) with the NASDAQ hitting sub 12000 and sub 11000. If this is likely to occur we will update our website closer to the time.

On a positive note we DO NOT have a doomsday scenario with this index.