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Gold forecast Aug 12 2021

Gold Forecast August 12th 2021

Gold moved down over 160 points against our “X” marks the spot post and tweet last week. Where will it go next? It has now recovered to around to around 1755 and is pondering what to do next on our “dotted green line”. Our calculations still show that gold is firmly going down over the next several months and a major break above the “white dotted line” is required to… Read More »Gold Forecast August 12th 2021

Gold forecast

Gold Forecast August 4th 2021

Gold hit our initial short entry zone back in early July and is now in a position where it may make another major downwards move – i.e. it might not get up to our secondary short entry point – in fact this move could now be underway. Does “X” mark the spot? Disclaimer As always our posts are not investment advice. If you wish to trade or invest based on… Read More »Gold Forecast August 4th 2021

Gold Forecast February 2021

Gold Forecast: Update February 20 2021

Gold has fallen by 200 points since hitting our 3rd short entry zone on the 8th January. We had hoped that gold would find a short term bottom at around 1700 on the 5th February to head into what could be a strong short term cycle – THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Instead, Gold confirmed upper resistance on the short term trend and a subsequent fall below 1775 raised alarm bells… Read More »Gold Forecast: Update February 20 2021